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Wildfire Smoke

Wildfire Smoke Events

Wildfires can produce large amounts of particulate matter, ozone forming pollutants, and toxic air contaiments.  If you smell smoke, you should take precautions.  We recommend that residents, and in particular those that are sensitive to air pollution like the very young, elderly, or those with a medical condition that may be worsened by exposure, sign up for AQI forecasts and alerts here.

Current air quality conditions (displayed as AQI) can be accessed at either of the following websites:

This Airnow website also provides wildfire locations and smoke plume information:

Information on wildfires can be found at the following websites:

During a wildfire smoke event conditions can change rapidly or continue for days at a time depending on meterological factors.  Please visit Sutter County Public Health or Yuba County Public Health or the US EPA's website for more information on smoke and your health:

During a wildfire smoke event conditions may warrent reduced outdoor activities at schools, sporting events, and other events.  Recommendations are available here.

 After a wildfire, residents may be at risk from clean up of debris and other issues.  The FRAQMD recommends the following website provided by CalEPA: