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Lawn and Garden

The District will begin accepting applications starting on August 18th, 2023. The new Program provides vouchers to businesses and organizations to help offset the cost of new, zero-emission lawn and garden equipment while replacing older combustion equipment. There is a total of $262,500 in funding available for the Commercial Lawn & Garden Program. Voucher incentive funding will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

General Information on the Commercial Lawn & Garden Program:

In 2023, CARB updated Chapter 9 of the Carl Moyer Program to ensure a streamlined approach to reducing emissions from small off-road engines (SORE) by funding the replacement of zero-emission equipment. The Commercial Lawn and Garden Program furthers the goal of electrifying California’s small off-road engine fleet by 2035 by offering incentives toward the replacement of existing combustion lawn and garden equipment with cordless, zero-emission lawn and garden equipment. The Program will provide vouchers to qualifying applicants for the purchase of cordless, zero emission lawn and garden equipment from eligible dealers and manufacturers. The District is currently implementing this program for Commercial Lawn and Garden Equipment Replacement projects only. All projects approved for funding must meet the CARB and FRAQMD program guidelines. The current Carl Moyer guidelines are CARB's 2017 Guidelines and can be reviewed abd downloaded from CARB's website:  GuidelinesThe District has adopted Policy and Procedures to implement the Carl Moyer Commercial Lawn & Garden Program, available here:

Lawn & Garden Policy and Procedures

Eligible participants for the new Carl Moyer Commercial Lawn and Garden Program include:

  • Businesses that provide landscape maintenance services for residential, commercial, institutional, and public properties; public agencies.
  • Businesses, and non-profit organizations that conduct commercial-scale landscaping activities on their properties; and public agencies. 
  • Businesses, and non-profit organizations conducting forest management, land management, and fire hazard reduction activities.

Forms for program participants:

CL&G Program Flyer.pdfCL&G Flyer (En Español)Printable Commercial Lawn & Garden ApplicationFillable Commercial Lawn & Garden ApplicationAplicación imprimible (En Español)Aplicación Rellenables (En Español)Lawn & Garden Participating Retailer List


Have questions about the program? Please contact Peter Angelonides, Air Quality Planner I at (530) 634-7659 ext 209, or by email at