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Stationary Source Throughput Reports

Throughput Forms are required to be submitted for each active PTO by February 28 each year. Please review your current Permit to Operate and Recordkeeping Conditions and list the ACTUAL amount used in the previous calendar year. Include all fuel usage, hours of operation, Material Throughput (aggregate, gasoline fuel, coatings, etc.) for all permitted equipment/processes as specified in your Permit to Operate and Recordkeeping Conditions.

Throughput Forms:

Throughput Form 20xx (generic).pdfThroughput Form 20xx (coatings attachment).pdfAnnual Analyzer Form.pdf


Example: 2021 Throughput form - Your facility has a Permit to Operate for a diesel emergency generator and a boiler. You would list the actual amounts used between January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 for the following:

  • Annual hours of maintenance and testing for the diesel emergency generator,
  • Annual hours of emergency use for the diesel emergency generator, and
  • Annual hours of operation or annual fuel usage for the boiler

Throughput FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions.pdf