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The Hearing Board

The District Hearing Board is the 5 member community that carries out the hearing board and district hearing panel provisions for every statute and regulation that relates to the board.  The hearing board members are appointed by the District's Board of Supervisors and serve a three-year term of office.  The members are comprised of:  one member who is a professional engineer, one from the medical profession, one attorney, and two from the general public. Because of the population, the members do not have to be from a certain profession. All members can be from the general public.

The Hearing Board does not meet regularly and only meets on as needed basis.

Please see District Regulation V for information on the Hearing Board procedures and rules.

Regulation V


Hearing Board Members

Chair - William Appleby (Health Care)

Vice Chair - Sean Minard (Engineer)

Larry Munger (Public Member)

Karen  Reese (Public Member)

David Smith (Public Member)