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Burn Day Status

Saturday, March 2, 2024

SUTTER COUNTY: Today is NOT a permissive Agricultural Burn Day on the valley floor for District issued burn permits.  Light time: N/A, all fires out by N/A.

YUBA COUNTY:  Today is NOT a permissive Agricultural Burn Day on the valley floor for District issued burn permits.  Light time: N/A., all fires out by N/A.

Today is NOT a permissive Residential Burn day for  Yuba and Sutter County valley floor.  Permissive burn days are typically Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Light time N/A., all fires out by N/A.

Winds: S/SW 15-25mph sustained, 30+ mph in the valley, 40+mph gusts in the foothills. 

Sutter Zones 1-4: NO

Sutter Zones 5-6: NO

Sutter Zone 7: NO

Yuba Zones 1-3: NO

Yuba Zone 4: NO (State Responsibility area SRA) .Light time N/A., all fires out by N/A.   CalFire Residential Burn Permits are not required at this time. 

Agricultural burn information/log a burn: 530-634-7659 x201

Residential burn information: Call 530-741-6299 after 9:00 am to verify burn day status on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.


May contain: map, diagram, atlas, and plot
Yuba County Burn Zones
Map of Sutter County burn zones 1 through 7
Sutter County Burn Zones