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Our Board Members

The FRAQMD Board consists of nine members.  One member is appointed from each city and two members from each county.  On even years, an additional member from Sutter County is appointed.  On odd years, an additional member from Yuba County is appointed.  

2020 FRAQMD Board of Directors:

(Note: the 2021 Board will be appointed by the Cities and Counties between Dec 2020 and Feb 2021.  This page will be updated once all of the Directors are appointed and approved.)

Randy Fletcher

Yuba County Representative

Gary Bradford            

Yuba County Representative

Jay Pendergraph - Vice-Chairman

Wheatland Representative

Manny Cardoza

Yuba City Representative

Ricky Samayoa

Marysville Representative

Lakhvir Ghag

Live Oak Representative

Ron Sullenger

Sutter County Representative

James Whiteaker

Sutter County Representative

Mat Conant - Chairman

Sutter County Representative


FRAQMD Board Handbook

Board Handbook, January 2021