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Community Air Protection Incentive Funds

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Community Air Protection Programs are Funded by CCI

In response to Assembly Bill (AB) 617 (C. Garcia, Chapter 136, Statutes of 2017), the California Governor and Legislature authorized funding to achieve emission reductions in the communities most impacted by air pollution.  The District has implemented Year 1, 2, and 3 of this program, known as the Community Air Protection Incentive Funds or CAP Incentive Funds.  A request for proposals for a fourth year of funding is expected to be released in Spring 2023.

Here is a link to the California Climate Investments website for the Annual Report to the Legislature: and a link to the CARB website for the online map:

The CAP Incentive Funds will be used to implement projects under the Policy and Procedures for the Program:

CAP Incentives Policies and Procedures Year 3.pdf

Other Guidelines and policy documents include: Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program in accordance with the 2017 Carl Moyer Guidelines and the Community Air Protection Funds Supplement to the Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program 2017 adopted by CARB in April 2018

The projects should be located in and directly benefit SB 535 and AB 1550 communities


Previous CAP Incentives Programs

Year 3 Applications Received:

Number  Applicant                         Type of Project   Located in DAC/LIC      $ Eligible

CAP3-1    City of Yuba City              Wheel Loader        DAC                               $11,685.56
CAP3-2    MJUSD                              School Bus 34        DAC                             $165,000.00
CAP3-3    MJUSD                              School Bus 36        DAC                             $165,000.00
CAP3-4    MJUSD                              School Bus 37        DAC                              $165,000.00
CAP3-5    MJUSD                              School Bus 38        DAC                              $165,000.00
CAP3-6    YES Charter Academy    EVSE                       DAC                               $15,000.00
CAP3-7    WSD                                   School Bus 22        LIC                               $165,000.00
CAP3-8    Wheatland High SD        School Bus 9          LIC                               $165,000.00
CAP3-9    Habitat For Humanity    EVSE                         DAC                                $27,930.00
CAP3-10    City of Yuba City            EVSE                         DAC                              $157,500.00
CAP3-11    WSD                                 School Bus #8         LIC                                 $165,000.00

Tentative Grant Awards:

Number  Applicant                              Category                             Tentative Award

CAP3-1    City of Yuba City                  Directly benefits DAC             $11,685.56
CAP3-6    YES Charter Academy       Directly benefits DAC             $15,000.00
CAP3-9    Habitat For Humanity         Directly benefits DAC             $27,930.00
CAP3-10    City of Yuba City                Directly benefits DAC            $157,500.00

 CAP3-2    MJUSD                              Directly benefits DAC              $165,000.00
CAP3-3    MJUSD                               Directly benefits DAC              $165,000.00
CAP3-4    MJUSD                               Directly benefits DAC              $165,000.00
CAP3-5    MJUSD                               Directly benefits DAC              $165,000.00

CAP3-11    WSD                                  Directly benefits LIC                $165,000.00

Project Ranking and Recommended Funding Aug 17 2022.pdfCAP Year 3 Award Spreadsheet.pdf


Year 2 CAP Incentive Program:

Projects will be selected based on benefit to SB 535 and AB 1550 communities, eligiblity under the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines, and community input.  The District will prioritize zero-emission equipment projects.  The Year 2 projects were administered in accordance with the Community Air Protection Incentives Program Policy and Procedures:

Policy and Procedures CAP Incentives

February 17, 2022 - Additional award letters for Year 2 projects mailed.

Marysville Joint Unified School District CAP 2-4 2-5City of Marysville CAP 2-10

February 16, 2022 - The District received approval from CARB on the Stationary Diesel Engines Emission Reductions Project Plan (2021-02SSP-FR).

Final Ch 6 Project Plan Stationary Engines.pdfApproval Letter for FRAQMD.pdfApproval Notice_FRAQMD.pdf

December 14, 2020 CAP Incentives Year 2 award letters:

MJUSD CAP Year 2 Award LetterBeale EVSE Award Letter

Initial Applications Posted April 20, 2020 for ten day public review

The District has received the following applications as of April 20, 2020, and hereby posts them for public review and comment.  After the ten day public posting, the District will submit the list to the California Air Resources Board along with a request for funds disbursement.  Comments on the initial list can be emailed to  Messages may also be left by phone at (530) 634-7659 ext 210 or by mail/drop off at 541 Washington Avenue, Yuba City, CA  95991 Attn: CAP Incentives.

  1. Marysville Joint Unified School District proposes to replace five diesel-fueled school buses with five new, cleaner diesel fueled school buses.  The buses operate within the disadvantaged community.  The request is for $824,998.70.
  2. The U.S. Air Force proposes to install seven dual head electric vehicle charging stations at Beale Air Force Base.  The station locations are within the low-income community on the base.  The request is for $304,008.00.
  3. The City of Marysville submitted multiple projects for initial consideration, all within the disadvantaged community:
  • In the On Road Heavy Duty category, the City may replace a wildland fire truck and/or a brush truck for up to $820,000.00.
  • In the Off Road category, the City may replace stationary diesel engines, a forklift, and/or three wheeled segways for up to $420,000.
  • In the Infrastructure category, the City may install 3-5 electric vehicle charging stations at an estimated cost of $100,000.

 CAP Incentives Year 2 Applications:

General Application fillable.pdfOn Road Vehicle fillable.pdfOff Road Application fillable.pdf


CAP Year 2 Program Flyers:

Air Filtration At Schools Flyer.pdfZero Emission Infrastructure Flyer.pdfZero Emission Lawn Garden at Schools


For more information on the CAP Incentive Funds, please contact Sondra Spaethe at (530) 634-7659 ext 210, or email, or visit CARB's website: