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Public Notices for Stationary Source Permits

Public Notice for Title V permit for Recology Ostrom Road Landfill is accepting public comments until December 16, 2020.

Major air pollution sources are required to obtain operating permits under Title V of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, the Federal Operating Permit Program, and the District's Regulation X, Rule 10.3: Federal Operating Permits. The permit summarizes all air-related requirements that apply to each source of emissions at the facility. This permit was initially issued on July 27, 2004. Rule 10.3 requires that the facility apply to renew the permit every five years.

There have been three pieces of equipment added since the last permit renewal a portable garbage truck tipper, a horizontal grinder, and a mulch coloring system. A portable garbage truck tipper is used to remove the garbage trucks' waste products by tipping the whole vehicle and will increase the particulate matter by 2.43 grams/hour. The horizontal grinder grinds incoming green waste material to be used in the color mulch operation and will increase the particulate matter by 6.04 grams/hour. The colored mulching operation takes the mulch provided by grinding green waste materials and colors it via a conveyor belt and several spray misters. The VOCs will increase by 10.94 grams/hour.

The APCO invites written comments on the above-proposed permit renewal. Comments must be received by December 16, 2020. Any interested person may also request a public hearing for this permit by submitting a writing request to the District. The District will hold a public hearing if there is evidence that the proposed permit is not correct or is not adequate to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. A hearing will likely provide additional information that will affect the drafting and/or issuance of the permit. Please send written comments to Christopher Brown, Air Pollution Control Officer, FRAQMD, 541 Washington Avenue, Yuba City, CA 95991.

The proposed Federal Operating Permit, District analysis, and applications are available for public inspection below:

Recology Title V PermitStatement of Basis for Reology Title V Permit


 For additional information, please contact Paul Stricklin, Air Quality Engineer, at (530) 634- 7659 ex. 212 or by emailing