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Ozone Levels May Reach Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups this Week

High temperatures plus high pressure will enhance ozone pollution in Yuba and Sutter counties this week. Ozone pollution may reach “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” levels, especially in the eastern Yuba County foothill region.  The Feather River Air Quality Management District advises residents to take measures that reduce emissions during these hot, stagnant meteorological conditions.  These measures can include:


·        Avoiding using your gasoline-fueled vehicle to drive or run errands during the afternoon and evening hours when peak ozone formation is expected.

·        Avoiding re-fueling with gasoline during the afternoon and evening as vapors lead to more ozone formation.  If you must re-fuel then never top off your tank.

·        Don’t use lighter fluid to start your charcoal barbeques.

·        Link your trips if you must drive to reduce time spent idling in traffic and the number to times you need to start your engine.

·        Carpool or take transit instead of driving.

·        Turn up the thermostat and use less energy for air conditioning.

·        Pack a lunch to eat at work rather than driving to buy lunch.

·        Keep your vehicle well maintained and your tires properly inflated.

·        Use low VOC paints and thinners.


Sensitive groups such as individuals with respiratory ailments such as asthma or COPD, young children, elderly, or pregnant women, may want to avoid prolonged exposure during the afternoon and evening hours when ozone levels will be at their highest.  Please contact your physician if you have concerns about ozone levels and your health.


Residents can check current air quality levels and sign up to receive daily air quality forecasts at  The AIRNow service is directly linked to the monitor in Yuba City and current conditions.


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