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Dry Cleaners

Updated April 13, 2018

Please note that the following list is only a snapshot of the date it was created. The list is only a summary of the records available. This list will be updated when there are changes to the list.

The District’s database indicates the following active dry cleaning facilities permitted to operate.

1.     12000  Butler Cleaners

2.     12002  Town Cleaners LLC


Below is a list of the other dry cleaning facilities that are considered “dead” (closed or no longer having the permit equipment).

  1. 12001  Custom Dry Cleaners – DEAD 3/19/01
  2. 12003  Hibo's Cleaners – DEAD 11/5/97
  3. 12004  Zelie's Cleaners & Shirt Laundry – DEAD 11/3/09
  4. 12005  Sadler's Dry Cleaning Center – DEAD
  5. 12006  Save-On Cleaners – REVOKED 7/11/01