Carl Moyer Grant Program

General Information on Carl Moyer Program:

Applications will be available starting December 4, 2017.  Applications and all supporting material are due by Monday, March 5, 2018 by 5:00 pm.  A public workshop will be held on January 30th at 10:00 am at the Yuba County Government Center in Marysville to inform interested applicants about the Program and assist with applications.

You must operate the equipment in Yuba or Sutter County.  If the equipment does not operate in Yuba or Sutter County, please go to the appropriate District's website for information on their program here.

The purpose of the Carl Moyer program is to reduce air pollution emissions by providing grants for the incremental cost of cleaner vehicles and equipment. The program focuses on the replacement of older heavy-duty diesel engines with electric, alternative fuel, or cleaner diesel technology, and does not include projects that are less than 25 horsepower, required by law, or regulated by an air district Permit to Operate, such as stationary diesel-powered electric generators. Private companies, public agencies, and the general public that operate heavy-duty diesel engines in Yuba and Sutter counties may apply for incentive funds.  All projects approved for funding must meet the CARB and FRAQMD program guidelines. The curent Carl Moyer Guidelines in effect are the CARB's 2017 Guidelines and can be reviewed and downloaded from the CARB's web site: Guidelines. The FRAQMD's Policy and Procedures Manual for the Carl Moyer Program will be available on December 4, 2017. 


 Applications Will Be Available on December 4, 2017

Please refer to the above applications for information on what type of equipment is eligible for each category, the maximum funding levels, and the maximum term of the contract (project life).

For other project types please contact the District.


Project Selection:

1.     All complete applications as of 5:00 pm on March 5, 2018, shall be assigned a number.

2.     The numbers shall be entered into a random number generator by district staff. 

3.     Applications selected by the random number generator shall be reviewed for eligibility, cost-effectiveness and the amount of funding they are eligible for.  Ineligible applications will not be funded.

4.     Applications for uncontrolled (tier 0) baseline engines shall be submitted to the random number generator first.  After all uncontrolled (tier 0) baseline engines have been drawn, tier 1 baseline engine projects shall enter the random draw.

5.     The random draw shall occur in March and tentative award letters shall be mailed to applicants in April 2018.


Examples of Eligibile Projects:

  • Diesel engines/equipment between 25 and 750 horsepower
  • Stationary Diesel Agricultural Engines (tier I/II diesel engine repowers, conversion to electric motors, limited opportunities for uncontrolled)
  • Off-Road Agricultural Equipment repower, retrofit, or replacements (for replacements the old equipment must have a tier 0 engine, typically 1996 and older)
  • Portable equipment replacement
  • Other Off-Road Equipment repower, retrofit, or replacement (must submit DOORS documentation showing compliance date)

Please note that Carl Moyer funding cannot pay for compliance with a regulation.  In most cases, projects must be completed at least 3 years prior to a compliance deadline.  For equipment regulated by the CARB's Off-Road or On-Road Diesel Regulations, the applicant must provide proof to the District that the fleet is in compliance with the regulation.  For Stationary Ag Irrigation engine projects, engines must be registered with the District to received funding.

For information on the CARB's Diesel Regulations, please visit their website here.

For information on District Ag Engine Registration Program, please click here.


Other Documents for Participants of Carl Moyer Program:

Off-Road Equipment Participating Salvage YardsOff-Road Equipment Salvage Certification FormStep By Step Process For Carl Moyer Program Applicants


For more information, please contact Sondra Andersson Spaethe, Air Quality Planner II, at (530) 634-7659 ext 210, or by email at (redacted)